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Dry skin

Dryness, tightness and itching of the skin

What is the cause of dry skin?

Normally, the sebum and sweat glands continuously produce a mix of fat and water that keeps the skin supple. Dry skin occurs when the sebaceous glands release too little fat and moisture-binding substances. The functionality of the skin then suffers: For example, it can no longer adequately protect the organism from external influences such as UV radiation, pathogens or mechanical injuries and can no longer fully regulate body temperature and water balance.

Dry skin feels rough and brittle. It is fine-pored, tight, flaky and itchy. Red spots are also common. Dry skin tears easily and is sensitive to cold and/or heat. In extreme cases, dehydration eczema can form: the skin tears and becomes inflamed.

Usually external influences, biological factors, but also certain diseases cause dry skin.

  • Weather:

The weather can irritate the skin. If you sweat in summer, for example, the body loses fluid and the skin dries out more quickly. Air conditioning and exposure to sunlight increase this effect.

But even in cold temperatures, the skin can dry out quickly. Because at an outside temperature of 8 °C or less, the sebaceous glands stop producing. In addition, you hardly sweat when it is cold, so that less moisture reaches the epidermis in winter. This messes up the fat and water balance of the skin, resulting in dry skin. Wind, wetness and heating air further promote drying out. Parts of the body that are not protected by clothing, such as the face, lips and hands, are particularly affected.

  • Nutrition:

Diet also affects the complexion. In particular, malnutrition and malnutrition and the resulting underweight dry out the skin. Anyone who drinks too little, smokes a lot and/or drinks alcohol regularly also quickly develops dry skin.

  • Stress and mental strain:

In addition, stress and mental strain can dry out the skin.

  • Medicines:

Dry skin can also occur as a side effect of medications that affect fluid balance in the body or certain gland functions.

What helps with dry skin? 
Our tips for itchy skin

Thorough make-up removal

Thorough makeup removal is a must, especially if you had makeup and/or sunscreen on your face all day.

Regardless of the skin type, thorough facial cleansing is very important. However, you should never use too aggressive cleaning products with harsh surfactants. These dry out the skin way too much, which is exactly what you dont want with dry skin.

The right face cream for dry skin

Dry skin needs care in the form of a  moisturizing serum and a rich cream with high quality oils. 

Our MultiCARE Hydro+ Serum intensively moisturizes, regenerates the skin and eliminates impurities.


Our MultiCARE 24h Defense Cream features rich formulations with plenty of moisture and soothing ingredients like avocado oil, jojoba oil, ginseng, curry, aloe vera, wheat germ extract, barley germ extract, daisy, apple juice and peach juice.

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Regular peelings gently remove dandruff

Exfoliating scrubs are great for getting rid of dry, scaly skin on your face and body. These gently remove dead skin cells. Peelings help against dry and rough skin areas - for an even and radiant complexion.

How to recognize dry skin:

  • Fine pores

  • Dry and/or red patches of skin

  • Flaky or dry, itchy skin

  • Pale complexion and thinner than normal skin

  • Weak connective tissue and premature skin aging

  • Dilate superficial blood vessels

  • Often sensitive to external factors

  • The face, legs and hands are often the most affected

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Proper skin care is essential to prevent very dry skin. When showering or bathing, you should make sure that the water is not too hot. If you have dry skin, we also recommend not showering or bathing every day, if possible, and not for too long.

Cosmetic products with rich oils and moisturizing ingredients:

When it comes to your products, look for rich formulas with lots of moisture and soothing ingredients such as licorice root, witch hazel, shea butter, aloe vera, avocado oil, jojoba oil and ginkgo biloba.

Our MultiCARE series is rich in antioxidants.
It moisturizes, regenerates the skin and has smoothing, toning and protective properties.

It has a calming, anti-inflammatory effect and protects the skin from drying out over the long term.

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Everything under control with the right care:

People with dry skin can count among the winners among the skin types when it comes to pimples and the like. This skin does not produce a lot of sebum, which means that the pores cannot clog as quickly and impure skin is less common.


Unfortunately, dry skin on the face tends to develop wrinkles. In order to counteract premature skin aging, the right care is crucial - but then that is no longer a problem!

Here at the end you will find products from our certified MultiCARE series that we recommend for dry skin:

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