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Peptide iloveella

Hightech active ingredient

Peptides are small proteins that consist of amino acids and are connected by peptide bonds - hence the name.

In cosmetics, they are a popular anti-aging active ingredient because they stimulate the skin's collagen production and thus ensure a firm complexion.

Aloe Vera Blätter iloveella

The base of our products

Aloe vera not only provides moisture, but also has a cell-regenerating effect, promotes elasticity and contains important enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are extremely important for your skin.

The use of aloe vera in daily skic care is not only beneficial, but also very effective.

Hyaluron iloveella

Effect and forms

Hyaluronic acid is an important component of many anti-aging products.

For good reason:
Creams and serums with hyaluronic acid reduce several signs of skin aging and effectively prevent them - for fresh, healthy and young looking skin.

Hitzepickel iloveella

Uncomfortable in summer

Heat rashes are often uncomfortable and occur more often in summer when the humidity is high.


Heat rash (miliaria) is caused by blocked sweat glands. It is a harmless but itchy rash that occurs in both adults and infants. 

Paraffine i love ella skincare

Paraffins & Co.

Petroleum based substances are used in an extremely large number of cosmetic products. On the one hand, mineral oils are used as a fat component in cosmetics.  On the other hand, crude oil is the starting point for many ingredients.
For !LoveElla skincare, environmental damage and a lack of care for the skin are reason enough not to use paraffins in our products.

SheaButter i love ella skincare

Butyrospermum Parkii butter

Shea butter is an excellent cell regenerator that provides intensive moisture and long lasting nourishment. This strong moisturizing power makes it ideal for demanding skin.

Versatile, it is an all rounder among the active ingredients and  ensures radiant and healthy skin.

acmella spilantes extract

Sphilantes Acmella Flower Extract / Paracress

What actually is organic botox / spilanthol?


The botox alternative paracress aka spilanthol. Wrinkle smoothing without a botox injection? Is the? Oh yeah!


Gentler and more natural, so without freezing the facial expressions! It's about a super plant called acmella oleracea. It is also known as jambu extract or paracress. It's what's inside that makes our skin go crazy: It is their main active ingredient spilanthol. ​

Rosacea Bild

Uncomfortable & painful

Rosacea (rosacea) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that mostly affects the face.

A first step in treating rosacea is to avoid things that contribute to the development or worsening of symptoms.

Find out here how you can improve the appearance of your skin, how nutrition influences rosacea and numerous tips and tricks for your skincare routine.

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