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Organic Botox

Sphilantes Acmella Flower Extract / Paracress

What actually is organic botox / Spilanthol?


The botox alternative paracress aka spilanthol .

Wrinkle smoothing without a botox injection? Is the? Oh yeah!


Gentler and more natural, so without freezing the facial expressions! It's about a super plant called acmella oleracea. It is also known as jambu extract or paracress. It's what's inside that makes our skin go crazy: It is their main active ingredient spilanthol. ​


The paracress comes from South America, where it is grown in northern Brazil, Peru or Chili and is known under the name "Jambú".

While people are only just getting to know the plant with the yellow-red flowers in this country, it has been considered a natural beauty elixir and remedy in its homeland for centuries.


For example, paracress is used in traditional medicine to treat gingivitis or toothache.


When chewing the fresh leaves and blossoms, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory active ingredients unfold on the tongue, alleviating the symptoms.


But the healing effects of Jambú are also used in South America for headaches, asthma, rheumatism or insect bites; thanks to its high vitamin C content, the plant is also a popular ingredient in salads and soups.


However, the Western cosmetics industry is less interested in the healing effects of paracress than in a very special active ingredient that scientists discovered in the spherical flowers a few years ago.

The effects of organic botox summarized:

Spilanthes extract is an anti-aging ingredient that has been shown to reduce wrinkles with regular use.


Spilanthol gently and gently soothes the nerve receptors on the skin's surface, thereby relieving muscle-related skin tension.


Expression lines are visibly smoothed and reduced. Spilanthes extract is therefore often referred to as the herbal Botox and is very well tolerated.


It is also used to protect against external influences, such as unfavorable temperatures that widen the pores, cause redness or dry out the skin.

Acmella Oleracea Extract also protects against harmful environmental influences that can alter the skin's natural acid-base balance and protective barrier.

acmella pflanze

Organic botox - effects in skincare

Paracress is repeatedly compared to the skin-smoothing effect of the neurotoxin botulinum toxin - but can a plant extract really compete with the popular anti-aging treatments?

The science says yes, because the flowers of the plant contain the active ingredient spilanthol - 1.2 percent to be exact. And it is precisely this chemical compound that is the secret behind the unique effect of paracress.

In this concentration, spilanthol is considered a gentle local anesthetic - the slightly numbing effect relaxes the skin muscles, and the reduced tension immediately tightens and smoothes the skin's surface.

The big advantage? Thanks to its gentle effects, paracress does not affect facial expressions, as the muscles under the skin remain flexible.

In complete contrast to Botox, because the neurotoxin paralyzes the treated muscles and literally freezes the expression. Laughing or frowning cannot cause any further facial expression lines, but the face looks mask-like and emotionless - especially at high doses. ​

In addition to the very natural results, paracress offers another advantage: It supports the body's collagen network. This can be imagined as a kind of scaffolding in the skin that provides natural elasticity and firmness. Due to the natural aging process, however, the body breaks down collagen - paracress counteracts this and helps to strengthen the network even in mature skin.

Wrinkle reduction from the first application

An effect on the micro-relief of the skin is measurable and visible from the first day of use, a significant reduction in wrinkle depth after 28 days.

Application morning and evening. Wrinkle depth and width can thus be significantly reduced. The skin also becomes firmer and smoother and new wrinkles are prevented. In addition, spilanthol has an antioxidant effect. Aging can be so relaxing!

Schönheit i love ella skincare

Organic botox in combination with microneedling

Microneedling with our !LoveElla Dermaroller allows the skin to absorb up to 80% more of a product that has been applied to the skin before or after! ​


You can find the active ingredient "Organic Botox" Sphilantes Acmella Flower Extract in our MultiLIFT Youth Cream. We have supplemented the ingredients with polypeptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E.

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