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FAQ Microneedling

The most frequently asked questions about microneedling

FAQ Dermaroller: FAQ

When should I use the dermaroller?

You should always do microneedling in the evening so that the skin can regenerate overnight.

How often should the dermaroller be used?

With our dermaroller and a needle length of 0.5 mm, we recommend using it once a week that the skin can regenerate between treatments.

What do I need for the application?

For the application you need a high quality dermaroller with real individual needles, a disinfectant to clean the dermaroller, a mild cleansing for your face (I recommend a double cleansing), a natural active ingredient that you want to work in with the dermaroller and a  natural moisturizer to finish.

Is a microneedling treatment painful?

Everyone has a very individual perception of pain. But according to experience reports, needling with the needle length of 0.5 mm is only a little uncomfortable in places where the skin lies directly on the bone
such as the forehead or the bridge of the nose.

How do I use the dermaroller correctly?

We explain how to use the dermaroller correctly in our video  and in our
Step by step guide . (we have linked the text directly for you and you will also find all informations at the end of our FAQ.

When does the dermaroller need to be replaced?

If the needles become dull, you should replace your derma roller.
With a needle length of 0.5 mm and an application once a week, we recommend an exchange 
after 10 applications

To ensure the best possible treatment.

When should I not use a dermaroller?

If you have open wounds such as cuts, abrasions or sores, you suffer from acute acne or a chronic skin infection such as herpes simplex, active rosacea flares...
If you are prone to wound healing disorders or have skin cancer.

What must be considered after microneedling?

Sunbathing immediately after microneedling is taboo. Whether in nature or in the tanning salon – the skin should be protected for at least 48 hours. Don't forget sun protection!

Sport and sauna: The treated skin can burn or itch in the hours after the procedure. Sweating activities should also be avoided for 48 hours afterwards, because the sweat would also burn the skin.

Dermaroller video instructions:
with Ella


Dermaroller video instructions:
animated to read

Dermaroller video instructions:
more lip volume & fewer lip wrinkles

Step-by-step instructions for correct use:


1. Clean dermaroller

Generously disinfect the head of the dermaroller and let it dry for about 5 minutes. Do not place the derma roller on the needles and do not bring it into contact with water.

In general, the dermaroller should never be placed on the needles, as this could damage the needles of the dermaroller and reduce its effectiveness.


2. Wash face

In the meantime, you can thoroughly remove your make-up and wash your face as usual with a mild cleanser.

Peelings should be avoided before using the dermaroller.


3. Clean face "double cleanse"

In order to optimally prepare your face for microneedling, we recommend additional cleaning with a micellar water. 

Our mild micellar water | hybrid cleanser & toner is very suitable.


4. Apply serum

Now the desired serum is applied, which is to be worked into the skin with the dermaroller.
I recommend our MulitCARE Hydro+ Serum.
It is not necessary to wait until the serum has absorbed. 
You can start needling right away.


5. Roll dermaroller correctly

Now the dermaroller should be rolled 5-8 x over the face in each direction (top-bottom, right-left, diagonal). 

In order to carry out the application correctly and to avoid stressing the skin unnecessarily, it is important to stop the dermaroller after rolling 5-8x in one direction BEFORE starting the next 5-8 rollings in a different direction.

I recommend to watch our step-by-step video instructions below.


6. Wash hands

It is very important to wash your hands after microneedling. Before you apply a final active ingredient to the freshly  treated face with your hands to avoid spreading impurities.


7. Moisturizing

Finally, a moisturizer without irritating ingredients should be applied. I recommend our naturale MultiCARE 24h Defense Cream for an optimal result.

To combat deeper wrinkles, I recommend the MultiLIFT Youth Cream.


8. Wash & disinfect dermaroller

Then clean and disinfect the dermaroller under running water. After drying, store in the supplied box to protect the individual needles and thus preserve the maximum service life.

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