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Hyaluronic Acid

Effect and forms

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluron, often also called hyaluronic acid, occurs naturally in our body.  This endogenous substance is of great importance for our skin in particular:
Hyaluron stores moisture in our skin cells. This creates a resilient cushion on which the top layer of skin lies smoothly and evenly.

From the age of mid-twenties, the skin's own production of hyaluronic acid slowly decreases. Then the skin loses moisture and volume more quickly. Fine lines form and finally the first wrinkles.


What is hyaluronic acid in creams or serums made of?

Hyaluronic acid in creams or serums is produced in a laboratory using a biotechnological process - so it is also vegan. In this way, skin care with hyaluronic acid can compensate for the skin's own hyaluron content, which naturally decreases with age.​

Check out below our MultiCARE Hydro+ Serum and MultiLIFT Youth Cream with the perfect dosage of hyaluronic acid.

Therefore, a general distinction is made between short and long chain forms:

  • Long-chain or high-molecular hyaluronic acid consists of a long chain of molecules and therefore has a high molecular mass.

    Effect : long-chain hyaluron rests on the skin and does not penetrate the skin. It forms a fine film that has a beneficial and anti-inflammatory effect,  it also makes your skin appear more elastic.

  • Short-chain or low-molecular hyaluronic acid consists of a short chain of molecules and therefore has a low molecular weight.

    Effect : Short-chain hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin and helps to store moisture in the connective tissue of the skin. This not only makes the skin plumper and firmer, but also visibly reduces wrinkles. Short-chain hyaluron thus has a lasting effect on your skin.

Arten von Hyaluronsäure iloveella skincare

What forms of hyaluronic acid are there and how do they work?

Hyaluronic acid comes in different molecular sizes.
They are absorbed differently by the skin.

All in 1 skincare:

Our MultiCARE Hydro+ Serum from our skincare organic line contains a perfectly coordinated formulation of the different forms of hyaluronic acid in high doses and is supplemented by numerous powerful active ingredients.


The MultiCARE Hydro+ Serum combines the properties of our active ingredients of hyaluronic acid, ginseng, curry, gingko biloba, aloe vera, wheat germ extract, barley germ extract, daisy, horse chestnut, liquorice root, apple juice and peach juice.

You can also find hyaluronic acid in our MultiLIFT Youth Cream from our skincare hightech line.

The MultiLIFT Youth Cream combines the properties of our active ingredients such as polypeptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E and Acmella ("Bio-Botox")


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