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!LoveElla dermaroller

A dermaroller creates microscopic, pinpoint injuries in the skin.

This stimulates the renewal of the skin and thus collagen formation.

This in turn has a skin-tightening effect and also an anti-aging effect.

In general, the appearance of the skin improves by using our dermaroller,

it becomes more even and lets the skin shine.


Our body produces collagen itself, but after the age of 25 the production decreases
of this protein, which gradually ages our skin.

Through the process of healing, the body forms collagen on its own, which is why dermarolling is a popular method against skin aging.

Many other skin problems can also be minimized and even eliminated through this regeneration.

Microneedling can not only be used on the face, it can also be used very well on other parts of the body such as the décolleté, arms, back, etc.

Scalp microneedling is one of the most effective treatments for hair loss and reduced hair growth.

Men can also use the dermaroller to promote and thicken their beard growth. 

Derma Anti Age Bundle (7).png

If you use your dermaroller correctly,
it will help your skin look younger.

Regular use can help with numerous skin problems such as:

  • enlarged pores

  • wrinkles and folds

  • redness

  • pimple marks and acne scars

  • blemishes

  • pigment spots

  • hair loss

  • irregular beard growth

Why is the !LoveElla dermaroller better?

Our dermaroller is made of high quality stainless steel which is equipped with 192 real individual  needles that ensure optimal results at the right angle.

It comes in a hygienically sealed package for immediate use, the handle of the dermaroller is ergonomically shaped and non-slip.

​Most dermarollers on the market consist of a series of metal wheels/discs with spokes or gear-shaped teeth that are strung together.
These metal plates are of the lowest quality.


Although a brand may advertise "540 pins", these wheels do not actually have actual pins
which are essential for the correct therapeutic puncture.


For this metal discs they are no clinical results available. Metal wheels/discs have triangular or  "knife-shaped" spokes, which are necessarily wider at the base of each tooth,

causing a cutting action when rolled rather than a clean, precise puncture.

This action can permanently damage the skin and/or cause scarring.

Due to the triangular or knife-like shape, these spokes cannot fully penetrate the skin - like a real needle can.

They create an uneven, slashing wound rather than a smooth, precise puncture of the pore.

Dermaroller iloveElla VS Fake

Here you can see a "fake" dermaroller
without real needles!


IMG_0729 (3)_edited.jpg
IMG_0722 (2).JPG

Here you can see our !LoveElla dermaroller
with real and individually inserted needles!


Our !LoveElla dermaroller is characterized by the following properties:

  • it is made of high-quality surgical stainless steel

  • with 192 real individual needles for optimal results

  • has an ergonomically shaped handle for a secure hold

  • will be delivered hygienically sealed

  • including a storage box

  • and detailed instructions on our homepage & YouTube


Step by step guide
for the right application:


1. Clean derma roller

Generously disinfect the head of the dermaroller and let it dry for about 5 minutes. Do not place the derma roller on the needles and do not bring it into contact with water. In general, the dermaroller should never be placed on the needles, as this could damage the dermaroller needles and reduce its effectiveness.


2. Wash face

In the meantime, you can thoroughly remove your make-up and wash your face as usual with a mild cleanser.

Peelings should be avoided before using the dermaroller.


3. Clean face "double cleanse"

In order to optimally prepare your face for microneedling, we recommend additional cleaning with a micellar water.


Our mild micellar Water | Hybrid cleanser & toner is very suitable.


4. Apply serum

Now the desired serum is applied, which is to be worked into the skin with the derma roller.

I recommend our MulitCARE Hydro+ Serum.
It is not necessary to wait until the serum has absorbed. 
You can start needling right away.


5. Roll dermaroller correctly

Now the dermaroller should be rolled 5-8 x over the face in each direction (top-bottom, right-left, diagonal). 

In order to carry out the application correctly and to avoid stressing the skin unnecessarily, it is important to stop the dermaroller after rolling 5-8x in one direction BEFORE starting the next 5-8 rollings in a different direction.

I recommend to watch our step-by-step video instructions below.


6. Wash hands

It is very important to wash your hands after microneedling.

Before you apply a final active ingredient to the freshly  treated face with your hands to avoid spreading impurities.


7. Moisturizing

Finally, a moisturizer without irritating ingredients should be applied. I recommend our natural MultiCARE 24h Defense Cream for an optimal result.

To combat deeper wrinkles, I recommend the MultiLIFT Youth Cream.


8. Wash & disinfect dermaroller

Then clean and disinfect the dermaroller under running water.


After drying, store in the supplied box to protect the individual needles and thus preserve the maximum service life.

Take a look at the advantages and areas of application of microneedling in combination with our products and convince yourself of our before/after pictures from our !LoveElla skinlover community!

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Dermaroller application
Step by step guide
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Dermaroller application
Step by step guide
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Dermaroller application
Step by step guide
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