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About !LoveElla: Zitat

Hello, I'm Ella
the founder of !LoveElla skincare and welcome you to our skinlover community.

Beauty artist and certified microneedling expert

"Beauty begins the moment
where you decide to be yourself."

coco chanel

Ella, Gründerin !LoveElla Skincare

When I founded !LoveElla back then, I never thought how much time I would invest in understanding ingredient lists (INCI).

For months I disassembled formulations and active ingredients in detail, carried out product analyses, searched for special active ingredients and herbal ingredients, researched what felt like an eternity and tested formulations until I was able to build up an enormous amount of knowledge within 1.5 years.


After this long process, I have developed the product lines for ! LoveElla Skincare.


In addition, I dealt intensively with supplementary procedures to improve the skin, read numerous studies and finally started the months-long self-experiment.

Finally, I completed extensive further training on the subject of skin, hygiene and microneedling in order

to develop a safe dermaroller for home use that is perfectly tailored to my product lines.


Because it is important to me to solve your skin problems and do your skin good.
That's why my formulations only contain ingredients that your skin needs for its perfect feel-good moment!


Here you are perfect just the way you are and I will support you on your way to your best complexion.


I have summarized the history of the creation in detail and other interesting topics about !LoveElla Skincare for you here.

Origin story
from !LoveElla Skincare:

iloveella skincare labor

When my daughter came into my life, I started thinking about ingredients in personal care.


I quickly noticed that most drugstore products do not deliver what they promise or suggest to the customer. Understanding the ingredients (INCI list) gave me a lot of headaches and months of research...


Once I understood the jargon, I started taking a closer look at my products in the bathroom.

What am I actually putting on my skin every day?

What is fed to my body here?


I have tried a lot of so-called natural, organic and fresh cosmetics without having found the right one for me.

Natural ingredients alone are not enough to solve skin problems and contribute to the anti-aging effect.


It also doesn't make sense to completely omit preservatives - this quickly creates a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

The solution:

Well coordinated and well thought out formulations to solve skin problems and counteract skin aging.

As natural, effective and highly dosed as possible, with pure active ingredients that the skin needs, without questionable additives or unnecessary fillers.


This is how !LoveElla Skincare was born, my certified skin care for you.


No matter whether impure, irritated or irritated skin and/or anti-aging is an issue for you. I offer you a carefully developed and perfectly coordinated range of products that you can use without hesitation.

iloveella skincare labor

Derma organic line – SOS skincare

My Derma Bio line is rich in antioxidants and high-quality active ingredients. It moisturizes, eliminates and provides lasting protection against impurities, redness and skin irritations.

The ingredients in my Derma Bio line are at least 99% natural and contain a high proportion of ingredients from controlled organic farming.

These formulations contain only natural fragrances.

i love ella skincare derma bio linie

Hightech line - Anti Aging 2.0

As the name suggests, the high-tech line relies on perfectly coordinated high-tech active ingredients with the power of natural and orgnic botox (Acmella).

Our MultiLIFT Youth Cream -

is characterized by its firming and shaping effect and is ideal for all skin types that want to increase the moisture and firmness of the skin, regardless of age.

The ingredients of my high-tech line are at least 99% of natural origin and only contain natural and healthy fragrances.

i love ella skincare hightech linie

All my lines combine the absence of silicones, parabens, PEGs, petroleum derivatives, microplastics and nanoparticles as well as transgenic ingredients.

I do not test on animals and my products are suitable for vegans.
In addition, I refrain from any form of irradiation of the products or ingredients.
All products are dermatologically tested and very well tolerated.

When manufacturing, I pay attention to a sustainable process and in production, only
renewable energies used.

I rely on resource-saving packaging, mainly made of glass and aluminum, which is 100% recyclable. I do without plastic where it makes sense and my outer packaging is FSC certified.

natürlich und vegan i love ella skincare
dermatologisch getestet

My professional dermaroller

As a certified microneedling expert, it is very important to me to be able to offer a safe and effective dermaroller for use at home.


After doing my research, I found that over 90% of the dermarollers on the market do not have real and individually inserted needles.


Therefore, I have developed a safe derma roller for home use, including step-by-step instructions with which you can easily and simply improve your skin's appearance.


My dermaroller is made of high quality medical grade stainless steel which is equipped with 192 real individual needles, which ensure optimal results at the right angle.

It comes to your home in a hygienically sealed package for immediate use.
The handle of the dermaroller is ergonomically shaped and non-slip.

Dermaroller iloveella skincare
Dermaroller iloveElla VS Fake
Dermaroller VS Fake

Most dermarollers on the market consist of a series of metal wheels/discs with gear-shaped spokes that are strung together. These metal plates are of the lowest quality and have absolutely nothing in common with microneedling.

In fact, although a brand may advertise "540 needles," these rollers do not have a single real needle that is essential for proper therapeutic puncture.

This action can permanently damage the skin and/or cause scarring. Due to the triangular shape, these spokes cannot fully penetrate the skin - like a real needle can. They create an uneven, slashing wound rather than a smooth, precise puncture of the pore.

With the !LoveElla dermaroller, on the other hand, you get a safe device with real needles and an ideal needle length of 0.5mm for the face, neck and décolleté.

Here you can see a "fake" dermaroller without real needles!

Fake Dermaroller 540
Fake Dermaroller 540

Here you can see our dermaroller with real and individually inserted needles!

Qualitäts Dermaroller i love ella
Qualitäts Dermaroller i love ella

!LoveElla Videos

!LoveElla Videos
!LoveElla Dermaroller Schritt für Schritt Anleitung & Tips I mit Ella
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!LoveElla Dermaroller Schritt für Schritt Anleitung & Tips I mit Ella

!LoveElla Dermaroller mehr Lippenvolumen & weniger Lippenfältchen I mit Ella
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!LoveElla Dermaroller mehr Lippenvolumen & weniger Lippenfältchen I mit Ella

Dermaroller Schritt für Schritt Anleitung
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Dermaroller Schritt für Schritt Anleitung

Warum !LoveElla Skincare?
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Warum !LoveElla Skincare?

Skincare should be uncomplicated and do what it promises without harming your skin, your body or the environment.

!LoveElla Skincare therefore focuses on the important things.

True to my motto: "less is more", I rely on effective ingredients and tried and tested microneedling applications for realistic results.


your Ella

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